BIOAGRA SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA (formerly known under names: BIOTANOL S.A. and BIOFUELS S.A.) was established in September 2004 as a special purpose entity that was launched specifically in order to build the Goświnowice Ethanol Manufacturing Plant (ZPE). BIOAGRA S.A. is both the organizer of this investment project and its direct investor.

BIOAGRA S.A.’s main shareholders are: POLSKIE MŁYNY and the Swedish Company, SEKAB BioFuels and Chemicals AB. SEKAB, being one of the leading entities at the European ethanol fuel components market, defines its mission in the following way: ”production, selling, developing technologies and distributing bioethanol to the fuel market, distributing other bioethanol-based chemical products, including the pure technical ethanol.”

POLSKIE MŁYNY S.A. is one of the biggest domestic businesses that running activities concerning purchasing, storing, and processing grains. The Company owns several detached and mill-adjacent elevator sets with total storage capacity of approximately 700 thousand MT, which constitutes approximately 35 % of the total grain storage capacity in Poland. Due to its shareholders’ business competence, BIOAGRA has some special conditions to organise proper raw material supply structures and to sell products being manufactured at ZPE Goświnowice.

Both due to the nature of technological processes and their scale, the completed investment venture is innovative in its nature at the level of the entire country. The Ethanol Production Plant at Goświnowice near Nysa has obtained its licence from KATZEN International Inc. (USA). The bioethanol that is made in the Plant meets quality standards required by both domestic and European Union regulations. The product technology features high efficiency, appropriate process effectiveness, and optimisation of usage of raw materials and energy carriers per product unit manufactured. At the same time, this technology minimises the Plant’s impacts on the natural environment. It is a clean production, based on fermentation processes, which does not burden the environment with waste.

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