Mr Corn waves in the newest illumination

Mr. Kukurydza waves from the next New Year’s illumination of Bioagra and wishes “Health!” in 2021. It was in the field of health, and on a large scale, that the company carried out several spectacular campaigns last year.

The pandemic met Bioagra at a key point in the largest investment since the establishment of the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Production Plant. Despite this, the company started producing hand sanitizer that it did not make on a daily basis before. A point where the inhabitants of Nysa could buy it at the production price was also set up. It is worth remembering that agents of this type were extremely difficult to obtain at the beginning of the pandemic.

– We managed to deliver disinfectant liquid when it was needed the most, despite the shortages on the market, for example in fragrances or packaging, significantly disturbed the production, says Mirosław Obarski from Bioagra SA.

In addition to the above-mentioned action, the company provided several tens of thousands of liters of liquid for disinfecting surfaces and hands to the local government of Nysa, the Nysa infectious disease hospital, fire brigade or church institutions – all free of charge. Liquids were also given to nurseries and kindergartens after the institutions were reopened and before the school year. When schools were affected by COVID-19, the company supplied disinfectants to dozens of educational institutions in the district. In total, almost 10 000 children and teenagers study and nearly 1 300 people work there.

Locally, the company also carried out other diverse activities, for example, it planted more trees around the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Production Plant. In 2020, more of them were planted there than in the entire city of Rzeszów, which is an agglomeration with a population of nearly 200 000. A queen bee breeding program was also carried out in Bioagra.  New queens took off for the mating flight from several dozen so-called brading boxes. Bioagra also provided the Nysa fire brigade with a specialized extinguishing agent known as a Formula 1 car in its field, free of charge. It is used to extinguish solids and liquids such as gasoline, crude oil, alcohol and even jet fuels.

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