Strategic program of scientific research and development works “Environment, agriculture and forestry” – BIOSTRATEG

Environment, agriculture and forestry” – BIOSTRATEG is a strategic program of scientific research and development works prepared by the NCBR Council and approved by the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

he program covers five strategic problem areas, resulting directly from the National Research Program, in line with the priority research directions currently carried out in the European Union and worldwide. These areas are:

  • Food security and food safety;
  • Rational management of natural resources with particular emphasis on water management;
  • Prevention and adaptation to climate change, with particular emphasis on agriculture;
  • Protection of biodiversity and sustainable development of agricultural production space;
  • Forestry and wood industry.

The main goal of the Program is the development of knowledge in the Program areas, leading to an increase in Poland’s international position in scientific research and development work in this field, and the transfer to the socio-economic environment of innovative solutions developed under the Program.

The program will stimulate the growth of innovation and competitiveness of the Polish economy. The result of projects implemented under the program will be the development and preparation of implementation of new products, techniques and technologies as well as a whole range of other solutions applicable in the fields covered by the thematic scope of the program.

Under this program, BIOAGRA SA participates, together with a consortium of nine partners, in the CROPTECH project (“Intelligent farming and cultivation systems, wheat, corn and poplars for optimized production, biomass, biofuels and modified wood”), which began in 2016. The implementation of this three-year undertaking takes place within the framework of the BIOSTRATEG 2 strategic program for scientific research and development work “Environment, agriculture and forestry”. Project duration: 01/06/2016 – 31/05/2019

BIOAGRA is responsible, among others, for laboratory analysis of raw material, semi-finished products and products both at various stages of the production process and storage process stages, with particular emphasis on the ozonation process of grain stored in plastic sleeves. It conducts laboratory and large-scale experiments based on the results of laboratory tests conducted at SGGW and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Project partners: the consortium consists of nine partners: four research units and five companies.

Koordynator projektu: Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW

Project manager: prof. dr hab. Eng. Stanisław Karpiński

Scientific partners:
Warsaw University of Technology
Poznań University of Environmental and Life Sciences
Institute of Wood Technology in Poznań

Industrial partners:
Hodowla Roślin Smolice Sp. z o.o. – IHAR Group
Eco Power Plant Sp. z o.o.
Versal Sp. z o.o.
Carpentry Workshop Sylwester Jabłoński