DDGS – Distiller’s Dry Grains with Solubles

DDGS – Distiller’s Dry Grains with Solubles

DDGS is formed by the impact of physical factors on wet corn stillage as a result of processes of: separation on decanters, evaporation compaction and low-temperature drying. This creates the highest quality protein feed.

Corn DDGS is used directly in feeding cattle of meat and dairy breeds, including as an additive to the feed type TMR (total mixed ratio). Due to the high content of protected protein (by-pass), the use of DDGS in feeding dairy cows has a direct effect on the high level of protein in milk.

This type of feed is also successfully used in feeding all poultry species with particular emphasis on laying hens. The content of natural carotenoids in DDGS favorably affects the correct coloring of egg yolks. In contrast, the fat it contains is a rich and natural source of energy.

DDGS is also used in feeding pigs in all production groups except for the youngest piglets.

Feed material appears in powder or pellet forms. DDGS granulated can also be offered in 1-ton big-bag flexible containers.