Purchase of corn

BIOAGRA SA invites agricultural producers, trading companies and brokers to conclude contracts for the supply of corn grain. The company guarantees the receipt of the entire contracted batch of raw material regardless of market conditions and their supply in a given season.

The contracted grain will be completely processed into bioethanol and technical, pharmaceutical and food grade ethanol. Corn is processed, in one of the most modern technologies in the world, by the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant, located in Głębinów near Nysa, which is entirely owned by BIOAGRA SA.

Purchase – basic grain quality parameters:

  • moisture up to 14.5 (dry corn) or 30% (wet corn)
  • total pollution content up to 10%, including unusable pollution up to 2%
  • starch content in dry matter not less than 71%
  • external features of maize: typical color, no foreign smells and live pests (including mites) no fungal diseases at every stage of development.


Are you an agricultural producer?

Sell your product. Get help from an adviser.

Go to the website of the BIOAGRA SA sales representatives search engine. In a few seconds you will get contact details of the person who is responsible for contracting in your county. Just select the type of product you want to sell and your location to get representative details.

Are you a sales representative or broker?

Contact your corn manager for information on concluding corn grain supply contracts.

Maize cultivation contract:

Magdalena Derecka
Corn Manager
mobile: +48 661 302 106
phone: +48 77 416 31 37