The “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant was designed and built with focus on minimizing its environmental impacts. BIOAGRA SA applies the principle of using the most innovative and least emission technologies that are currently available in the world. This action corresponds to the canons of BAT (Best Available Techniques).


This is manifested, for example, by:

  • implementation of sewage-free ethanol production technology licensed by the American company KATZEN
  • the production process is based on water circulating in a closed circuit (only water that has escaped because of evaporation is topped up)
  • water drained from the stillage goes for reuse, which further reduces the amount of water it draws
  • use of a high-efficiency natural gas boiler room instead of coal.

The plant meets all standards in terms of impact on air, acoustic climate, as well as other elements of the environment. The plant is supplied with energy utilities (gas, electricity, water) and the collection of domestic sewage, including rainwater, which is conducted according to conditions set out in issued water law permits and concluded contracts.


The “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant operates in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, certified according to the ISCC system. This system aims to protect the biosphere, rational land management and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The activities of BIOAGRA SA are part of a number of international agreements regarding the prevention of adverse climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By signing the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union (including Poland) undertook to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from minerals. The introduction of energy carriers that are produced from renewable sources is of particular importance in the field of transport, the main consumer of traditional (fossil) fuels. Biofuels – fuels resulting from the addition of biocomponents, e.g. bioethanol produced by BIOAGRA SA – have gradually become one of the key directions in the European Union’s environmental policy.



Acting in accordance with art. 261.1. of the Environmental Protection Law, we provide the public with information about the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant in Głębinów. The plant is subject to the provisions on the prevention of industrial accidents and, therefore, on November 27, 2008 it was notified as a plant with an increased risk of a serious industrial accident to the poviat commandant of the State Fire Service in Nysa with the notification of the Provincial Environmental Protection Inspector in Opole.