Company history

One of the largest ethanol producers in Poland

BIOAGRA SA is one of the largest producers of dehydrated ethanol for fuel purposes in Poland (bioethanol) and meets the highest quality standards required by national and European Union regulations.



Production of disinfectant


During a pandemic caused by coronavirus, the company launched the production of disinfectant. BIOAGRA SA donated thousands of liters of it, free of charge, to local governments, hospitals, fire brigades and church institutions looking after the homeless. The company also made available the opportunity to the local community to purchase liquid at the production price.

BIOAGRA SA runs the largest investment in the company’s history. Announces doubling of production and increase in employment by as much as 40%. Additionally, it generates many jobs in external companies operating in the region. The odor and noise reduction system and the afforestation program around the plant are launched.



Odor and noise reduction system

Planting 2,000 trees


Environmental protection program

Alcoholic beverages from BIOAGRA SA


The company begins conceptual work on a program to minimize environmental impact. On the basis of food ethanol, produced by Bioagra SA, the production of various drinks of world-class quality begins, which is confirmed by prestigious awards won on three continents.

The company has significantly developed high-quality ethanol production that has universal applications. The amount of bioethanol produced, which used to be the basis for production, decreased.



Ethanol (alcohol) dehydrated

Technical ethanol (alcohol)

Food grade ethanol (alcohol)



The first two brands of vodka are created based on food grade ethanol.

Putting into operation the food grade installation.





Commissioning of crude corn oil extraction installation.

The company obtained the ISCC certificate in 2010, which confirms that its ethanol is produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The use of ethanol as an additive to fuels allows reducing greenhouse gas emissions by gasoline engines.



Obtaining the ISCC certificate


Warehouse capacity reaches 60 000 tons.


The company begins buying corn in accordance with the RED Directive with standard humidity (14.5 percent) as well as wet grain with humidity up to 30 percent.

BIOAGRA SA completes the construction of the plant and begins processing corn maize into ethanol based on technology licensed by the American company KATZEN. The company is part of a narrow group of the most modern ethanol producers in Europe. It also produces excellent, high-protein feed additives (DDGS, WDGS, corn syrup and crude corn oil).



140 000 m³ of ethanol per year

350 000 tons of corn

over 100 000 tons of DDGS.



BIOAGRA SA is established. Its goal is to launch the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant.