10 story Mr. Corn

Bioagra has launched  probably the largest Christmas illumination in the region. Mr. Corn, the company’s mascot wishes everyone “Merry Christmas” from the wall of the 10-story grain elevator in the Ethanol Plant “Goświnowice”.

This year, Mr. Corn warmed up the participants of such events as the Nyski Run and Otmuchowski Independence Run and entertained the little ones during harvest festival and Children’s Day events. This time, Bioagra used its company mascot – literally – on a large scale. At nearly 10 floors high, Mr. Corn towers over the area at night in the form of illuminations on the wall of a grain elevator.

The elevator, which was created in the 1970s, is one of the tallest buildings in the region. The structure itself measures 33 meters in height, while the tower located in the central part is 10 meters higher. The creation of an elevator contributed to the development of agriculture in this part of the Opole region. The facility was modernized during the construction of the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant.

Bioagra is currently running another facility modernization program. In November this year it silenced the grain elevator tower windows, as well as fans placed on top of it. Specially designed sound suppressors were mounted on them. Before that, the company replaced a new part of production equipment, and also modernized the infrastructure for unloading corn. Work has also begun on extending the grain elevator line, which will create a natural barrier to the sound generated at the plant.

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