Nomination for the Tryton Nyski award

Arkadiusz Komorowski was nominated for the Tryton Nyski honorary distinction in this year’s 22nd edition of this prestigious competition. The director of ZPE “Goświnowice” was nominated as the originator of revitalization of the Old Mill in Nysa and a unique program for reducing sound and smell generated in the production of ethanol.

The Tryton Nyski honorary distinction is an expression of the highest recognition of the local community and is awarded to persons, organizations and institutions particularly distinguished for the Nysa commune.

– All my adult professional life is related to Nysa and this region – said Arkadiusz Komorowski during the awarding gala. – We are proud that we can develop the plant in a sustainable way – taking care of environmental protection and in harmony with the local community. We are increasing production, increasing the number of jobs in the plant and its surroundings in many market segments – added Arkadiusz Komorowski.

Bioagra has already invested nearly PLN 20,000,000 in sound and smell reduction. As a result of these and subsequent activities, the company will soon become one of the most ecological plants at the European level and will produce completely new products.

Arkadiusz Komorowski is also the originator of the revitalization of the Old Mill in Nysa, a building that has not been used for years. The investment will be completed in 2021. The building will combine office, recreational and residential functions – there will be service and catering premises on the ground floor , a conference room, and apartments on the upper floors.

After revitalization, the main attraction of this place will be a fountain symbolically reproducing the course of the river driving the mill wheel. It will stand on the town square in front of the Old Mill. A parking lot for nearly fifty spaces has been planned next to it, which will be available to the residents of Nysa.

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