Order – PASZA PRO project

Research on the hygienization of dry components in the form of non-normative maize fraction.

Purpose of the order

The purpose of the order is for the Purchaser to collect: 1) Information such as ozone concentration in the air stream, flow rate and dosing time affect the microbiological purity of the material 2) Information on potential problems with ozone administration after moving to the demonstration scale

Object of the contract

he following works are planned under the contract: a) Microbiological analysis of the material (non-standard fraction of maize) and statistical analysis of the distribution of results; b) Laboratory tests of material ozonation for: varying material humidity, different concentrations of ozone generated, different ozone-containing air flow rates and different times of the hygienization process; c) Analysis of ozone concentrations in the process area in terms of effectiveness of hygienization and at the exit from the process in terms of service safety at scale enlargement





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