Super foam from Bioagra

Bioagra transferred a specialized extinguishing agent worth about PLN 50,000 to Nysa fire brigade. It is a Formula 1 car in its field – indicates the company. It is used to extinguish solids and liquids, e.g. gasoline, petroleum, alcohol, and even jet fuel.

The extinguishing agent passed by Bioagra is highly specialized. It is used to produce an aqueous solution from which various types of foam can be obtained. It will last for plenty extinguishing actions.

– The agent should be enough for a long time, because it is most often used to extinguish small fires – says Marcin Skalny, junior foreman from KP PSP in Nysa. – Last year, such fires accounted for 93% of all fires in our county. – The extinguishing agent can be successfully used for various types of extinguishing operations, including protection of spilled flammable liquids, e.g. car fuels in actions on roads or railways.

The agent provided by Bioagra is widely used. It can be used simultaneously with extinguishing powder mixed with foam and other extinguishing foams. Due to its unique properties, it is very useful when extinguishing liquid fires, which destroy extinguishing foam produced from other universal foaming agents. It can be used to make foam in combination with tap water, industrial water and even sea water.

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