Bioagra minimizes the impact on the environment

Bioagra implements the plan announced at the beginning of 2018 to minimize the company’s impact on the environment. In the near future the company will already allocate over PLN 8 million for this purpose. The investment in new technologies and solutions will serve to reduce the intensity of smell and sound generated in the production of ethanol.

So far, based on research and recommendations of experts, Bioagra silenced the grain elevator tower windows in November this year, as well as fans placed on top of it. Specially designed sound suppressors were mounted on them. Before that, the company replaced a new part of production equipment, and also modernized the infrastructure for unloading corn, which reaches the company by rail. Bioagra has also planted approx. a thousand trees around the company.


One of the silencers on the elevator


Currently, the company is modernizing the corn grain cleaning line to move the loading of the so-called chaff into the plant and thus reduce noise spreading towards nearby Goświnowice. Work has also begun on extending the grain elevator line, which will create a natural barrier to the sound produced at the plant.


Reducing the volume of the grain elevator tower


Bioagra also commissioned the production of devices which task will be to reduce the smell generated in the production of ethanol. To this end, the company has signed contracts with two specialized Polish companies. The devices are to be closely matched to the specifics of the production process and technology used by Bioagra, based on the license of the American company Katzen International. Design and construction works are underway.


Installation of silencers

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