Mr. Corn shines and heats

For several days now, drivers on Nysa’s bypass can admire the New Year’s illumination of Bioagra. In the building from which Mr. Corn is waving to us, the so-called cogeneration is in operation. This is a very efficient and ecological way of generating electricity and heat.

Last year, a ten storey-tall Mr. Corn ran around the grain elevator tower. This year, it appeared on a cogeneration building, in which electricity and useful heat are generated for the needs of the plant. 

Cogeneration is an extremely economical and ecological way of generating energy. In a classic solution, electricity and heat are generated separately at the power plant and heating plant. Cogeneration involves producing both of these types of energy in the same process. This allows you to achieve 30% higher efficiency. This translates into significant economic and environmental benefits.

The “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant is in many respects one of the most ecological and modern industrial complexes in Poland. In the case of cogeneration, Bioagra paves the way in a direction that the European Commission strongly promotes. In the first half of 2019, it approved public aid in the amount of 5 billion euros. It will be intended to develop electricity production in cogeneration.


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