Commitment of the Board of BIOAGRA SA

The Management Board of BIOAGRA SA has committed to reduce the noise and smell arising during the production of bioethanol and feed at the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant, because such demands were submitted by the local community. The company takes action despite the fact that the production process is in accordance with all applicable standards set out in EU and national regulations.

In 2018 BIOAGRA SA, among others, will employ experts who will analyze the noise and smell arising in the production process and develop the concept of their effective reduction. The company also committed to keep the residents and local authorities of Goświnowice, Głębinów, Skorochów, Jędrzychów and Nysa, as well as company and media employees informed about the progress of their activities. Among others, quarterly meetings with representatives of village councils will be conducted. The first meeting takes place in March this year.

The commitment is unique – the plant run by BIOAGRA SA complies with all applicable standards set out by EU and Polish regulators. The company also meets all the recommendations of the “Code for the prevention of odor nuisance”, which were developed by the Department of Air and Climate Protection of the Ministry of the Environment. Despite this, the company committed to reduce noise and odor, as such demands were made by the local community.

In connection with the planned modernization and expansion of the Plant, the company’s representatives met with the village mayors of the surrounding villages, members of the village councils and residents as part of public consultations. During these meetings BIOAGRA SA explained in detail what its investment intentions are. A number of study visits were also carried out during which the inhabitants of the surrounding towns could visit the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Plant and learn about all elements of the production process, including the rules of receiving and testing grain, ethanol and feed production as well as storage and logistics of finished products. Visitors to the Plant could also learn how the company’s laboratory and control room works, from which the production process and the entire Plant are supervised and managed.

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