Bioagra continues to increase employment

Bioagra SA, Employer of the Year 2019 of the Nysa county, continues to increase the staffing of the Ethanol Production Plant. From October last year the company has hired dozens of new employees and is looking for more. Ethanol, the company’s main product, is currently one of the most sought-after raw materials in the world.

The company is looking for employees, incl. for grain and feed and chemical laboratories, maintenance, logistics and warehouse management and production departments. You can find employment in various positions, e.g. mechanic-plumber, employee in the warehouse of finished products and grain, as well as an operator of an automated production line.

Bioagra SA operates in a very stable industry which – in addition – is supported by the increased demand for ethanol for disinfectants. Today, the company produces more ethanol, takes more raw material for production, and does more and different analysis. Therefore, the number of laboratories in which the company has introduced a new work organization is growing to increase the comfort of employees.

At the moment most positions offered by Bioagra SA relate to the cereal and fodder laboratory. The company plans to employ as many as 10 people under the contract of mandate for the period September-November, with the possibility of extending the contract for the next quarter.

Employees in this laboratory are required to be accurate and reliable and have vocational or secondary education, a minimum of 3 years of work experience and good computer skills.

In turn, a chemical laboratory requires a higher degree in a chemical or related field or a year of experience in working in a similar position in the chemical, food or pharmaceutical industries. For this good knowledge of computers and MS Excel.

Last year, Bioagra SA was awarded the title of Employer of the Year of the Nysa County in the medium and large enterprise category. The competition jury awarded the company for employment growth and positive working conditions in the company. It also took into account recent investments as well as social and charitable activities.

Job descriptions and contact details can be found at: www.bioagra.pl/kariera.

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