Bioagra – another large planting of trees and shrubs

Bioagra started another plantings around the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Production Plant. This spring alone, the company intends to plant approx. 850 ornamental shrubs and avenue trees. This is a scale that can be compared to year-round plantings in the city of Rzeszów with a population of nearly 200,000.

Trees and shrubs are meant to be a barrier to the sound and smells generated in the production of ethanol, but also to diversify the area in terms of color and introduce biodiversity. Additionally, the plants will be beneficial for the bees. They will allow insects to collect pollen and honey dew in the form of drops, for example on the leaves of some deciduous trees.


In the first row, closest to the beltway, evergreen conifers (Brabant thuja and Alumia cypress) are planted, which in winter and summer maintain a uniform green and silvery coat. In the second line, there will be a variety of avenue trees that shed their leaves in winter. Native trees such as sycamore maple, maple, hornbeam and common beech, cherry plum, wart birch and rowan were selected for planting.

When planting, the colors in summer and winter, the shape of the tree crown, growth rate, resistance to weather conditions and pests, and the role in the ecosystem are taken into account. Several-year-old plants, up to several meters high, are invariably planted and will grow rapidly in the following years.

The intensive planting of trees, which the company has been carrying out since 2018, has already cost several hundred thousand zlotys without ongoing maintenance, i.e. watering and protection.

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