Bioagra at the 11th Nysa Run

Tomorrow (June 8, 2024) will take place the long-awaited 11th edition of the Nysa Run, proudly called one of the best-rated running events in Poland. Traditionally, Mr. Corn will appear at the starting line of the “Family Mile” and give high fives to the competitors and fans.

The main race will start at 7:00 p.m. at Hala Nysa. A novelty of this year’s edition of the event will be a slight modification of the 10-kilometer route. The finish line of the race will be at the renovated stadium next to Hala Nysa, which will be opened on that day and available for the athletes. In this way, the route will be free of the so-called “safety pin”, where competitors were making a return in previous editions of the race. Thanks to this, one of the fastest running routes in Poland – certified by the Polish Athletics Association – became even faster.


An hour before the main race, the “Family Mile” will traditionally take place. This is an additional, extremely popular run over a distance of approximately 1.6 km, addressed to entire families. There are no age restrictions and the most important thing is to have fun. Participants of the “Family Mile” will receive commemorative starting numbers.

Races for the youngest runners are another new feature this year. They will take place in the renovated stadium from 9:00 to 11:00.

Last year’s anniversary edition of the race confirmed that the Nysa event is growing in strength after the pandemic. 850 competitors participated, which was the best result in the entire history of the event. This year may be better, because there are even more people willing to run. However, not all competitors make it to the race. Much depends on the weather – not everyone feels in the right shape for running on a given day.

The reputation of the race attracts competitors from all over Poland, but also from abroad. Nearly 50 runners from the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and even Kenya, Canada and Mexico have declared their participation in this year’s event.

The 11th Nysa Run will be held with the active support of companies from Nysa and the surrounding area. Bioagra has prepared a gift for each player in the form of an ecological bag for a starter kit. As every year, the participants will also be energized by the mobilizing cheering of Mr. Corn – the official mascot of Bioagra, beloved by children.

The organizers of the event are the Interschool Student Sports Club “GIM 2” from Nysa and the “W Action” Foundation.


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