Bioagra once again supports Otyliada

The 9th National Night Swimming Marathon is over. The event was again supported by Bioagra, providing participants, judges, paramedics, swimming pool employees and volunteers with a variety of regenerative snacks and drinks.

This year’s edition of the largest mass swimming event in the country took place simultaneously in several dozen swimming pools in various parts of Poland. 29 daredevils took part in the Nysa swimming pool and swam a total of over 364 km.

The event was unquestionably dominated by women, who took all the places on the podium. Nine competitors of this year’s edition swam for the entire 12 hours – from the very beginning to the end of the event. 15 people covered at least 10 km each, and 8 at least 20 km each. The title of the oldest participant went to Ewa Dytko, who swam 7,000 m, which equals 280 pool lengths. The youngest participant was Kalina Wróbel with a result of 3000 m (120 pool lengths).

The competition was organized by the Nysa Development Agency, and Bioagra again provided a variety of regenerative snacks and drinks. Mr Corn was also present to provide motivating cheering.

We congratulate the winners and participants for their fortitude and endurance. All participants deserve the Grand Cup!

Top ten competitors:

  1. Hanna Dytko: 30.900 km
  2. Maja Kułak: 30.050 km
  3. Justyna Tkaczyk: 29.850 km
  4. Rafał Świtała: 28.550 km
  5. Kacper Michalski: 26.000km
  6. Łukasz Pyka: 25.200 km
  7. Michał Dziedzic: 21.000 km
  8. Łukasz Maciuszek / Krzysztof Zwierz: 20.000 km
  9. Radosław Sydor: 17.600

(Source: Otyliada.pl)

So far, a total of over 15 000 people have participated in the eight editions of Otyliada and the current record is held by Sebastian Karaś, who swam 54.2 km in 2016. The name of the event refers to Otylia Jędrzejczak, a Polish swimmer, multiple Olympic champion and world record holder, who supported it from the very beginning. The unchanging slogan of the event is “All of Poland swims with us”, which reflects the goal of encouraging Poles to invest in their health through active and safe recreation.

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