Bioagra planted 2 600 trees

Within two years, Bioagra SA planted nearly 2 600 trees around the “Goświnowice” Ethanol Production Plant. When they grow, they will act as a barrier to the sound generated by the plant and improve the aesthetics of the space.

The scale of the project is very large. This year, Bioagra will plant more trees in the vicinity of ZPE than Rzeszów in the entire city, with a population of nearly 200 000. The cost of planting, without ongoing maintenance, i.e. watering and protection, has amounted to a total of approx. 275k PLN

The company has been planting trees intensively since 2018. Seedlings from 1.5 to 4 meters high were used to create a green wall around the plant. The trees are to improve the aesthetics of the factory surroundings in summer and winter, as well as contribute to reducing the noise level from the production installation.

This year, the company plans to plant nearly 1,200 trees and further enhance biodiversity. So far, mainly conifers have been planted. However, new plantings of deciduous trees, such as linden or hawthorn, will appear in the fall.

Aesthetic trees resistant to weather conditions, diseases and pests were selected for planting. At the moment there are Serbian spruces, blue spruces, black pines, alumi cypresses and thujas “Sarbina”, “Kórnik” and “Brabant”.

The green wall of trees is just one of the elements of BIOAGRA SA’s activities aimed at reducing the noise generated by the production installation. In addition to planting, a number of other activities were carried out on the site. The loudest and most acoustically disturbing devices were located.Various silencers were installed, the devices were replaced with new ones and natural acoustic walls in the form of grain tanks were built. Further activities of this type are planned.

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