Bioagra supports the restocking of Lake Nyskie

The Polish Angling Association in Opole, with the support of Bioagra, carried out the first restocking of Lake Nyskie this year in the form of 160 kgs of autumn fry zander. This year, as in previous seasons, several hundred thousand young fish will be brought to the reservoir.

This is just a fraction of a larger activity that Bioagra supports since 2009, by cooperating with the Polish Angling Association in Opole in the restocking of Lake Nyskie. For this purpose, the company donated PLN 10k each year and – from this year on – PLN 14k.

The first restocking of Lake Nyskie this year was started with zander fry, which came from last year’s spawning and overwintered well in breeding tanks. It is now ready to be released into the wide waters of Lake Nyskie and will soon be joined by other batches of fry of other species, including more zander along with pike (summer fry), stocking eels, carp, crucian carp and tench.

According to the experts of the Polish Angling Association of the PZW Opole District, even several hundred thousand fish will end up in the reservoir in the form of fry.


(Photos: Polish Angling Association)

– Restocking of Lake Nyskie is conducive to creating conditions in which a fully-fledged aquatic ecosystem is created – says Mirosław Obarski, Bioagra. – The company has been supporting this process for several years.

Fish act in water reservoirs as a natural filter, e.g. by cleaning them of excess vegetation or phytoplankton. Others, like predators such as zander, regulate the population of the so-called fish of peaceful prey, e.g. bream, crucian carp, roach. These species, also known as white fish, accelerate the process of increasing the fertility of waters in excess.

We would like to remind you that in the PZW Opole waters, the protective size of zander is up to 50 cm, and the upper one is 90 cm, the protection period lasts from 1.01 to 31.05. The annual limit for pike and zander is 35 pieces in total.

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