Mr. Corn lights up Valentine’s Day

The company mascot of Bioagra reminds about the upcoming festival of lovers. Valentine’s Day, falling on February 14 each year, is one of the most optimistic days of the year.

According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in southern and western Europe since the Middle Ages. In the North and East of the continent it became a widespread habit much later. In Poland, Valentine’s Day celebrations gained popularity in the 1990s.


Valentine’s Day illumination and Mr. Corn, encourage you to look at the world in brighter colors. Despite the ongoing pandemic, it is worthwhile, and even necessary, to look for positive sides in life.

People who have a positive attitude to life are two times more likely to have healthier hearts than their peers who are pessimistic. They have better sugar and cholesterol scores and attach more importance to physical activity. They also recover faster from an illness.

Martin Seligman, American psychologist and the founder of positive psychology, claims that healthy optimism is expressed by looking for solutions, advantages and opportunities in every life situation. It takes some effort and training, but it does mean you can learn to be optimistic.

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