The participants of OTYLIADA swam an impressive 352 kilometers in one night

Eleven hours after the start, at 5:00 a.m. – an hour before the end of the marathon – a dozen participants were still fighting against time and fatigue.

 This year’s OTYLIADA, the National Night Swimming Marathon “The whole Poland swims with us” was supported by, among others, Bioagra and Mr. Corn. We provided participants, judges, paramedics, swimming pool staff and volunteers with a variety of regenerative snacks and drinks.

The gold medal was won by Marcin Gawęda from Opole, who swam 33.4 km (with this result he took 16th place in the Polish ranking). The silver medal went to Rafał Świtała from Nysa, who swam a distance of 26.5 km. Justyna Tkaczyk from Opole won the bronze medal with a distance of 25 km. Once again, the whole family from Nysa swam in OTYLIADA.


Congratulations to all participants and organizers from Nysa Development Agency.


Photos: Michał Baraniewicz & ARN.

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