Bioagra and “Women for women”

Bioagra co-organized the charity event “Women for Women”, during which the first football match in the history of Nysa, “Single vs. Married Ladies”, was played. Funds were also collected for a noble cause: the fight against cystic fibrosis.


The first match of this kind in Nysa’s history
The main attraction of the event was the first football match in the history of Nysa ” Single vs. Married Ladies “. The thirty-minute match ended with the score 2:1 for the “Married” team (orange uniforms). The victory was ensured by a unique, atomic shot from around half the field. The players were surprised by the high energy expenditure and the scale of emotions accompanying the game.
Single ladies vs men
The next clash also had no official equivalent in the city’s history. Girls from the Polonia Nysa club took to the field. They played against a mixed team of bachelors from the same club and football enthusiasts. In the first part of the match, the young men… were losing 2-0. The contact goal caused the Batchelors to start playing more coherently. Taking advantage of their strength and speed, they evened the score and eventually won 6:2.
Cystic fibrosis and bone marrow donors
During the event, volunteers of the Polish Society for the Fight against Cystic Fibrosis collected funds to support a young resident of Nysa who is struggling with this serious disease. Funds from the sale of baked goods and various handicrafts, which have the status of regional products of the Nysa Duchy of Lakes and Mountains, were allocated for this purpose. There was also a DKMS registration point, where residents had the possibility to register as a potential bone marrow donor.
Closing performance
A local theatre group, Teatr pod Gruszą, closed the event with a performance entitled “Sanatorium Under the Pear Tree”. The actors presented a comedy that takes place in present times, during a stay in a sanatorium. 
Bioagra was the founder of food gifts for football players and actors.


Photo: Michał Baraniewicz

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