Bioagra na Olimpiadzie Wiedzy i Umiejętności Budowlanych

Bioagra supported the organization of this year’s edition of the Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympiad in Nysa. The winners will represent their schools in the central finals, to which 80 students from various parts of Poland advanced.

We would like to congratulate all the participants of the Olympics for their achievements, determination and passion so far, and we wish the winners of the district stage good luck in their further competitions.

The district competition of the Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympiad took place at the Technical School Complex in Nysa. They were attended by 51 talented students from 11 construction schools from the Opole and Lower Silesian Voivodeships. 11 z nich zakwalifikowało się do finału centralnego. Among the winners was Natalia Roguła from the Technical and General School Complex. Kazimierz Gzowski in Opole, last year’s runner-up of Poland.

The district stage of the Olympics was organized in several cities across Poland. A total of 634 students from construction schools participated in it. It is worth noting that as many as 11 participants from the Opole region made it to the national final.

The Construction Knowledge and Skills Olympiad is an educational undertaking which origins date back to the 1980s. The main goal of the activity is to develop interest in construction among young people and to deepen knowledge and skills in this field. The event promotes the habit of professional development and encourages students and graduates to constantly improve their qualifications. It also develops the ability to independently acquire knowledge and enables young people to become familiar with the latest design and technological solutions in the field of construction.

The main organizer of the initiative is the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. Bioagra supported the organization of the event and supported the struggles of the most talented students.

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