Once again, Bioagra supports the Nysa ice rink

The Nysa Development Agency is ready to open the city’s ice rink, which is one of the city’s most frequently visited recreational attractions in winter. For the second year in a row, the ice rink is supported by Bioagra as the official sponsor of the facility. In addition to financial assistance, this year the company helped develop a concept for reducing the energy consumption needed to cool the ice sheet.

This year, when preparing the opening of the Nysa ice rink, the Nysa Development Agency – in cooperation with Bioagra – set itself the goal of reducing energy consumption and ensuring the best possible conditions for skating. Due to climate change and increasing energy prices, running open ice rinks has become a real challenge for local governments in Poland. It is worth noting that last month was the hottest October in the history of measurements around the world, according to “Copernicus”, the European climate monitoring center.

Thanks to the financial and material support of Bioagra, a barrier was placed under the ice rink to prevent the ground under the tennis court – where the ice rink is located – from freezing. Additional layers of insulation were placed on the mineral layer of the court, which is a natural insulator. The main role in this case is played by styrofoam with high insulating properties and the industrial foil with very high mechanical resistance, provided by Bioagra – says Bogdan Wypałkowski, President of the Nysa Development Agency.

In the case of the ice rink in Nysa, additional insulation will allow the power of the so-called chillers to be directed to keep the ice layer in the best possible condition with the minimum possible energy consumption. Additionally, insulation under the ice rink surface will reduce the facility’s operating costs.

– Reducing energy consumption is a global and local priority – says Mirosław Obarski from Bioagra. – The approach implemented by ARN at the Nysa ice rink has been already close to our company for a long time. This year, at the Goświnowice Ethanol Production Plant, we implemented the so-called low temperature cooking. This is an improved production process that saves energy and significantly reduces the amount of water vapor that carries the odor from the ethanol production process.

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