Beautiful trees at Bioagra

New tree plantings around the Ethanol Production Plant include only very large specimens. Over the last few years, Bioagra has planted several thousand trees around the Goświnowice Ethanol Production Plant (ZPE).

Drought according to trees 

Planting mature trees is a response to the current climate situation. Experts say that in Poland we are basically dealing with a constant drought – certainly from the perspective of the trees. Planting large, older specimens increases the likelihood that the tree will take root in such difficult conditions. 

The key to planting

When planting around the ZPE, summer and winter colors, the shape of the tree crown, growth rate, resistance to weather conditions and pests, and the role in the ecosystem are all also taken into account. The trees belong to abundantly flowering and melliferous species, which is important for the ongoing queen bee breeding project at ZPE. 

 All trees currently planted in the ZPE area are nursed, i.e. tree seedlings are replanted every 2-3 years to strengthen their root system in this long-term process.


What new trees appeared on the company’s premises?

Red chestnut (simply called chestnut) with trunks 14-16 cm thick, approximately 12 years old – a tree with red flowers, slightly smaller than the common chestnut, but can grow to a height of about 15-20 meters. Quite abundantly branched crown, straight trunk, brown and green colored bark. The characteristic “five-fingered” leaves resembling a hand do not discolor in autumn, but fall down when still green. The hallmark of this tree are its flowers, which are pink and red. The tree blooms profusely and is much more resistant to pests that destroy chestnut trees in Poland than the common variety. 

Silver linden (Crimean) with 18-20 cm thick trunks, about 14 years old, resistant to the harmful effects of aphids, resistant to heat and drought and resistant to frost, although thermophilic. Linden is a tree common in Poland and well known. It is most associated with the fact that its abundant inflorescences can be used to prepare valuable tea.

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