Easter egg from Mr. Corn

The custom of painting eggs was known during the Roman Empire. In Poland, the oldest discovered Easter egg is from the end of the 10th century and was found in the Opole region, in the remains of a stronghold on the Opole island of Ostrówek.


Easter is one of the oldest Christian holidays. It was mentioned in nearly 1000 years old German chronicles. In Poland, it is associated with the making of ornaments in the form of Easter eggs and wet monday, also known as a dyngus

Many unusual customs that accompany Easter have been developed in European countries.


In Norway, it is a tradition to … read “Easter thrillers”. The custom was created about 100 years ago in connection with the advertisement of the book, placed before Easter. The ad said, “A train from Bergen was robbed last night.” It was also the title of the novel. Many readers felt that this was an account of a real event. The book became a bestseller. Since then, the Norwegians have been waiting for exciting new mysteries before each Easter.

In Greece, on the island of Corfu, Christmas Saturday begins with the “pot throw”. People throw pots, pans and other pottery from the windows, smashing them in the street.

In Florence, Italy, the archbishop fires a dove-shaped rocket that symbolizes the Holy Spirit. This begins a spectacular fireworks display.

For Finnish children, it’s a Halloween repeat. The little ones dress up as witches. They knock on the door of their neighbors, wishing you a healthy and happy year. In return, they expect chocolate, coins or Easter eggs.

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