Several thousand trees and bushes

Over the course of five years, Bioagra has planted several thousand trees and bushes around the Goświnowice Ethanol Production Plant (ZPE). The scale of plantings is comparable to those carried out in Wrocław and Poznań – the cities that plant the most large trees in Poland. The plantings that the company has been carrying out since 2018 have so far cost several hundred thousand PLN.

The scale of plantings is the same as in Wrocław or Poznań

The first plantings of several thousand plants were carried out around ZPE in April 2018. Within a year, Bioagra can plant as many trees in its area as Wrocław or Poznań. It should be noted that these are plantings of well-grown trees – plants that are at least 6-8 years old and specimens that are over a dozen years old – such as those planted by Bioagra at the beginning of November this year. Trees that have been growing around ZPE for several years improve the aesthetics of the area and contribute to reducing the sound and odor intensity from the production installation.

Biodiversity and food for bees

– New trees are another element of the process of building biodiversity and adding color to the area – says Mirosław Obarski from Bioagra. – The newest species planted are melliferous, which is of great importance for the ongoing queen bee breeding project at ZPE. Bioagra has been planting bee-friendly bushes and trees for several years now. They allow insects to collect pollen and honeydew, which is occurring in the form of drops, e.g. on the leaves of some deciduous trees.

Several types of trees and bushes

Many species of trees and bushes already grow around ZPE. At the beginning of the planting, closest to the ring road, evergreen conifers, thujas and cypresses were planted, which retain a uniform green and silver color in winter and summer. In the second line of trees, avenue plants appeared, which shed their leaves in winter. Native trees were selected, including maple, sycamore, hornbeam and common beech, cherry plum, silver birch and mountain ash. Black pines, Serbian spruces and small-leaved lindens were also planted on the company’s premises, as well as shrubs such as palm maples, bouquet hydrangeas, magnolias, rhododendrons, Japanese azaleas, cinquefoils and viburnums.

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