Mr. Kukurydza is training with young players from LKS Goświnowice

LKS Goświnowice is a sports club with great traditions, the history of which dates back to 1947. In the 2016/17 season, thanks to the efforts of a few enthusiasts, former officials and footballers, it was reactivated after a break that lasted for a decade. Since then, the club has continued its activities, an important element of which is promoting the idea of practicing sports and developing the talents of the youngest footballers.
The activity of the reactivated LKS Goświnowice club is one of the local initiatives in which Bioagra is involved. The company focuses on supporting his youngest pupils and providing them with conditions to develop their football passion. The help provided by the company covers the cost of purchasing clothes, shoes and sports equipment, employing a trainer, renting a training room, commuting to matches and many more.
Each season, the club recruits youngsters and invites both boys and girls. Currently, the classes are attended by 28 people born between 2007 and 2012. Training takes place in accordance with the guidelines of the Academy of Young Eagles and is conducted in groups corresponding to the age of the children. They include a range of exercises to help improve fitness and polish your soccer skills, for example, in terms of:
– techniques, incl. accepting, passing and playing the ball,
– endurance – strengthening the muscles of the legs, arms and the whole body,
– tactics – correct positioning on the pitch, while playing as well as defensive and offensive formations,
– speed and agility – increasing the overall performance of players on the pitch.
Older children (born 2007-2010) form a team that participates in the II Provincial Trampkarze League. The current table of the autumn rounds is available on the website of the Opole Football Association. In addition to regular training and participation in competitions, the Trampkarze team also participates in sparring matches.
Next year, the LKS Goświnowice club plans to create two teams: Trampkarze (born 2008-2011) and Youth (born 2010-2012). 
In Goświnowice, an adventure with football can be started even by very young children, but at this age it should take the form of pure, general development fun. With time, you can combine fun with simple elements of technical training. These types of sports activities primarily help shape the sense of balance and motor coordination. Training typically focused on football usually begins around the age of 11. This is when children learn the best movements and learn new behaviors. Properly conducted training brings many benefits both in the physical and psychological areas. They strengthen the body and improve the condition, but at the same time shape young characters and teach that you need to work together to win the team.
Youth soccer is one of the few amateur sports that Bioagra supports. The company also supports young tennis adepts, a group of children perfecting their chess skills and more. 

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