The next series of tennis matches supported by Bioagra is coming

Bioagra continues to support young tennis enthusiasts from Nysa and the surrounding area. The first Tournament of the Nysa Grand Slam series for Children and Youth will take place on May 27 this year.

Five tournaments are scheduled for this year’s competition, which will last until September. The goal behind the event is to popularize tennis and to instill in the young generation the desire to practice this useful sport. Participation in the competition is completely free and does not require the payment of the so-called entry fee.

A direct reference to the biggest tennis tournaments carries a significant educational value. Learning about their history and specificity, children are encouraged to expand their sports knowledge in practical and theoretical dimensions. Grand Slam tournaments are the most important and prestigious tournaments in the entire tennis world. In 1877, the first full-fledged Wimbledon was held, which is the oldest of the four tournaments. It was later joined by the US Open, French Open and Australian Open. All events have a long tradition and are key moments in the tennis calendar.

According to experts, playing tennis has a positive impact on children’s development. Tennis develops physical abilities, but also character and social skills. Through tennis, children learn perseverance, self-discipline and the ability to cope with stress. Movement coordination and reflexes developed on the court have a positive effect on the psychophysical development of children. Playing tennis also encourages a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. It is a sport, but also a form of entertainment that integrates the family and allows you to make new friends. All these elements make tennis an excellent form of activity for children, which positively affects their development and well-being.

Nysa Grand Slam series tournament for Children and Youth, for the Staroste’s Cup is organized by the UKS Nysa Tennis School, with the support of the District Office in Nysa and Bioagra. The games take place on the courts at Kraszewski st. Free admission for players and spectators.

Nysa Grand Slam 2023 for the Poviat Staroste Cup

  • 27th May
  • 17th June
  • 5th August
  • 2nd September.

Mayor’s Cup Tournament

  • 30th June.


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